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Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution Environmental pollution is an undesirable change in physical, chemical or biological characteristics of our surroundings (air, water or land). It can affect human, animal and plant life as well as materials. Pollution may be natural or man-made. It can be classified according to the components of the environment being damaged. These are: - (i)Air Pollution (ii)Water Pollution (iii) Soil (land) Pollution Pollutant When the concentration of a substance already present in nature or of a new substance increases to undesirable proportions causing danger to human beings, other animals or vegetation and other materials, the substance is treated as a pollutant. The pollutants spoil the environment and are harmful to living organisms and other materials. The common pollutants are : (i)Gases like carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, etc. (ii)Compounds of metals like lead, mercury, zinc, cadmium, arsenic, etc (iii) Pollen grains, dust.