IUPAC Name of Alkanes or Nomenclature of Alkanes

IUPAC  Name of Alkanes or Nomenclature of Alkanes

 As the number of known organic compounds increased, it became apparent that it was necessary to systematize the method of nomenclature. The most satisfactory system is one which indicates the structure of the compounds. This task was originally begun in 1892 by an international committee of chemists at Geneva, and hence is referred to as the Geneva system of nomenclature. The work was carried on by the International Union of Chemists (I.U.C.) by a committee appointed in 1922, and in 1931 these drew up a report which is often referred to as the I.U.C. system. Nomenclature is always undergoing revision, and the latest rules are those recommended in 1969 by the Commission on the Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (I.U.P.A.C.). The nomenclature of Alkanes are given below :-

  Nomenclature of Alkanes