Calcium Hydroxide, Ca(OH)2

Calcium Hydroxide, Ca(OH)2

Calcium Hydroxide or Slake lime is prepared by adding water to quick lime, CaO.

It is a white amorphous powder. It is sparingly soluble in water. The aqueous solution is known as lime water and a suspension of slaked lime in water known as milk of lime.

When carbon dioxide is passed through lime water it turns milky due to the formation of calcium carbonate.

Ca(OH)2   +   CO2   →    CaCO3   +   H2O

On passing excess of carbon dioxide, the precipitate dissolves to form calcium hydrogencarbonate.

CaCO3   +   CO2  +   H2O   →    Ca(HCO3)2

Milk of lime reacts with chlorine to form hypochlorite, a constituent of bleaching powder.

2Ca(OH)2   +   2Cl2    →    CaCl2   +   Ca(OCl)2   +   2H2O
                                                         Bleaching powder


  • It is used in the preparation of mortar, a building material.
  • It is used in white wash due to its disinfectant nature.
  • It is used in glass making, in tanning industry, for the preparation of bleaching powder and for purification of sugar.


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